Project Build is about bringing together the community of car enthusiasts. Together we can build one central place to congregate and talk about cars. Project Build makes it easy for you to document procedures performed to your automobile, from changing your oil to swapping out your engine.

Project Build aims to ease documentation by providing tools to easily create professional looking documents, easy image uploading, image annotations and inline tagging using the parts database.


Every member on Project Build is given a single garage. Here you manage your builds, journal and photo stream. You can always find your garage in the menu bar at the top of ever page for quick access.


A build is your cars profile and story. Start a build by navigating to your garage and clicking 'Start New Build'. A build consists of folders and chapters. Explore other members builds to get an idea of how others manage this folder structure. Document everything you do to you car, even simple maintenance procedures like oil changes.

Manufacturers And Designations

Each build you create, you must assign a designation. Example a 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX. Assigning your build a designation will help our subsystems index your content. Each chapter you create will automatically be tagged with your builds respective designation. Over time, as Project Build grows these tags will help you find content that you're looking for.

Click the manufacturers tab at the top of the page to view all available manufacturers on Project Build. Note that some manufacturers have been created as placeholders and may not contain any builds yet.


Each build has chapters in it's life, each chapter can have subchapters to better organize it's structure.


Clubs will help members congregate. There are 2 types of clubs, private and public. Anyone can create a private club and invite other memebrs. Established members may create public clubs. Anyone can join a public club.


Clubs can host events, like track days or BYOP days (bring your own project). Take photos and upload them to the event album for all your friends to see and discover.

Parts Database

The parts database is designed for members to collectively add and share all kinds of information about parts. While navigating the parts database, the inspector is used to add content. There are many attributes the parts database is capable of collecting.

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