Ramming Speed!

With the head gasket having blown and needing to be replaced I launched into a whole array of upgrades for the truck as it was going to be out of commission for a while and these trucks seem to be a good platform for upgrading, apparently responding very well to inexpensive mods and tuning.

In this two part chapter we'll be launching into the following :

-3800 rpm governor spring install

-M&H Number 3 Fuel Pin Install

-Longer AFC follower pin

-Uprated AFC Spring

-M&H Dynamic Timing Advance Kit

-Pump Timing Adjustment


The electric pump installed here didn't resolve the engine starting issue which turned out to be caused by a fuel line that had worn through and was allowing air to get into the system, and causing the truck to die. Since this mod I have replaced the fuel lines (see other chapter) and when I went to re-install the electric fuel pump it came apart in my hands, so I didn't end up using it, and instead installed a new OEM mechanical pump and the truck runs amazingly well.

Without getting too far into the nitty gritty of it, jumping a tooth on the VE pump gear will give you 10 degrees of advance on the injection pump timing. This may or may not be an advantage for your setup so proceed with caution and only do this if it will work with your build.

In my case, I am getting the injectors flowed and the pop pressure reset higher, so some of the advance I gain with this mod will be lost because the higher pop pressure on the injectors retards timing as more pressure must build in the pump/line before the injector opens.

So, the KDP or "Killer Dowel Pin" is a small steel locating pin used to align the timing gear housing to the engine block. The problem is, on all but the latest 5.9L Cummins, the pin is just sitting in the timing gear cover and block, not held in by anything other than friction. It has been known to work loose in time, eventually falling into the timing gears and wreaking havoc, sometime resulting in catastrophic engine failure.

A common fix is to buy a tab kit which gives you a steel tab that fits under an adjacent bolt, and caps the pin off so that it cannot come loose. Looking at some pics of the part, I couldn't see how it was going to fit on my truck, it seems the slightly later trucks don't have a big shoulder around the pin like my truck has. There was no way a flat tab was going to work.

So I just tapped my pin in, and used JB weld to secure it in place. I also drilled a hole through the aluminum flange around the pin, and forced the epoxy through there to make sure it was unable to back out itself.

I'm doing this as part of a bigger project I'm working on, as a "while I'm in here" type of thing. So if you're just doing the KDP fix it will be different, but anyway here are some relevant pics and explanations:


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