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So, when I got this car back, I noticed that one of the plastic light-diffusers covering the city lights in my eBay housings had fallen off and was just sitting in the bottom of the housing, so I decided it was time to make the lights "just the way I want them".

From the factory, the car uses the low beams as DRLs. You can easily disable them by bending or removing a pin in the headlight switch housing, but the problem is that the car then wont pass safety in Ontario. Also, it means you have no headlights just driving around in the daytime, and you could get pulled over by the fuzz for not having functioning DRLs. Lame. But reality.

The car also has "city lights". Stock, these are a couple of peanut bulbs that come on when you turn on the headlight switch. The only time these peanut bulbs are on, without the low/high beams drowning them out, is when you have the parking brake on. Which is all fine and dandy if you like to park the car a lot, with the key on, to look at your city lights, but pretty useless otherwise.

Many people have come up with some funky ways of using the city lights as DRLs but I think the way I've done it here is BY FAR the simplest and most elegant solution. But before we get into that, let's have a look at what I did to my cheap eBay headlight housings.

So here's the car shortly after I bought it way back in the spring of 2010. The car was stock, in decent shape, and had relatively low mileage for a TDI, 225k as I recall. I drove it until pretty much the end of the summer in 2011 in which time I cranked the mileage up to something in the 285k range. Along the way the big upgrades were: -BBS Wheels and Dunlop SP tires -Eibach Pro Kit Plus (struts, springs, roll bars) -Injector nozzles -Remap -Stereo -Headlights -Tailights

Seems like a short list but those small mods totally changed the car from a subdued and frankly kind of slow diesel grocery getter into a real corner carver that had a lot of torque and still got 4.5L/100km on the daily commute. It made the trip from Ottawa to Halifax a few times and uncountable rips down the 401 to Guelph and back for work, this car owed me nothing. In 2012 I was doing some spring cleaning, as by now I had accumulated a few extra cars, and an opportunity came up to sell the car to a friend of mine. I missed the gas mileage of the little bugger and the cargo capacity of the hatchback as I was now tooling around in my A4, so when the opportunity came up for me to buy the car back at a steal of a deal I took it. The car is now sitting at 320k and needs quite a bit of work, but the price was right and I have some plans for this guy to go offshore with me in the fall where the fuel mileage and cargo capacity will be greatly appreciated.



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