The Eight

My steering was starting to feel heavy and the pump was starting to make an audible noise. I purchased a used unit off ebay for 40 bucks and bought a rebuild kit at the same time. You dont need to go into full service mode like me, but to goto full service mode, is only two coolant lines and to drain/refill. Not a big deal by any means.

Stick an oil pan under the power steering area, crack your power steering lines loose, a 22mm for the line going to the rack and 24 for the return. Just crack them until they are bleeding, open your PS reservoir. Check that the fluid is hitting the pan, it'll trickle off the AC compressor. There is a drain plug on the bottom of the pump, but you have to get on your back to reach that. pffffttttt....
Remove your fan clutch with a spanner and large crescent wrench, reverse thread. IE hammer the crescent wrench clock wise. Grab a 13mm deep socket and breaker bar, release the tension on the serpentine belt(aim at 3o'clock and pull up) and remove the belt.
Use the belt to wrap around the power steering pump pulley and hold it with your left hand, and grab a 6mm allen key in the right while pointing to 3o'clock and pull up hard with both. Make sure you clean the bolts out real good, I spent a solid 20 minutes cleaning them out. And took alot of force to crack these loose.

The Eight just died at 276xxxkm/172xxxmiles while driving to a meeting. Leaving me stranded at a gas station. Pushed it in and tried filling it up with gas, nothing, just cranked, and cranked. Checked the fuse, and sure enough it was blown. This is the first place you should start. Remove your passenger side fuse panel cover, and check this 15amp fuse. Its most likely blown.

I already purchased a VDO pump previously knowing this maintenance items was coming up. Towed it home and replaced it over three nights, one hour a piece. The following are some observations of the re/re. If you are not small, and do not like crawling around in the trunk for an hour, then this is not for you.

Few things to note.
First : If you buy a cheaper version of a pump, and it ONLY has ONE PORT on the bottom, it is wrong. It will work for the first 1/3 of tank, then the car will stall. Get the pump with a TWO PORTS on the bottom/a large one and small one. Do your self a favor and buy the proper damn 240 dollar pump. I have read countless threads of, "well now my car dies at 2/3 tank everytime...When I was doing replacement my pump didnt seat correctly because it only has one port but I still installed it regardless of things not aligning properly, or before doing any research/asking a question or really applying any amount of common sense, is this my problem? I hope not because I really dont want to do it again because I suck at things"

Secondly : Doing this procedure is not for the faint of heart. There are lots of little tricks that if not done correctly, will leave you stranded everytime your at 2/3 or 1/2 tank of gas. Pay attention and dont rush.

One thing that annoyed me with the Eight everytime I opened the door, was looking at this mess. The 18 years of grease had to go.

I cannot believe how clean they came out! I havent re-greased them yet, but will do so in a controlled manner.

Shipwright's Disease... Or the story of my life.

It is within us all, and most people go through their day to day without symptoms for years, their entire life in some cases. Early testing and treatment has helped our understanding of the of the condition but identify its severity is something that goes unnoticed. The virus continues to multiply within its host as the years progress without much of any physical presences on the host.

The virus also manifests itself from onto greasy parts, stubborn bolts, other peoples half ass handy work and most commonly, Other symptoms that may occur includes diarrhoea, skin abrasions, tiredness and loss of weight.

It's symptoms are an ever increasing amount of time spent putzing around on your automobile, and an ever decreasing bank account. The most serious cases are reported when an infected individual goes to replace a burnt out turn signal light, and, then, many hours later, usually early in the morning after forgetting to go to bed, he or she finds the engine in pieces at his or her feet wondering "Whatever have I done ?" or, in even more serious cases "OK, what's next ?".

There are self help groups, where infected individuals gather to discuss their most recent relapse. They disguise themselves as car clubs and the like.

Here are the wheels he came with from the factory. Looked good with the slammed/no springs in the front.

Some FL D2 A8Ls came with what are called Pie Plates. Essentially they have been known to be converted and used for cooking a delicious batter mixed with your desired fruit. But really they are just 18" rims that look like pie plates. They are also known as 18" Monoblocks(just a fancy word for forged).

I always like OEM wheels for quality purposes, and these are apparently very stout and IMO look great. They arent everyones slice of pie, and everyone does seem to love sticking them on VWs and smaller cars.

Specs on them are:
Offset 48
57.1 CB 23lbs?



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