So the Civic got old, like real old real fast, since the first oil change really. Because I didnt perform said oil change, and I had no desire to do so, I kinda put the Civic off into the background until Ang was ready to move on. She is now joining the VAG club and is actually interested and excited about doing things to this machine as much as I am. I think we will finally found that bond we have been looking for the past seven years.

This little guy isnt even noted to be changed in the manual service interval! I believe it needs to be changed. I would say near every 50,000km/2 years or sooner if you've store your car for a long period of time.

Grab a oil pan as fuel might spill out.

2005 A4 3.0 Quattro PN#:
OEM - 8E0 201 511 J = $74.90

Before getting started you can pull fuse 28 on the driver side of the dash and start your car. It will either start and die, or just crank. Meaning most fuel has been evacuated. Loosen your gas cap and stick it on your driver seat as a reminder to reinstall it.

Remove the under body panel, a combo of 10mm, 20t, and a pressure pin.

So the the A4 died in the middle of a stop sign intersection on a Friday after work leaving Ang stranded about 60 feet from home. Could have been worse, but it was probably the best place for the fuel pump to die.

I ended up rescuing Ang, and pushed the car uphill out of rush hour traffic while scanning the car for VAG codes. It only read something IAT sensor related.... which wouldnt stop the car from starting.

The symptoms were that the car was just turning over, it would catch/idle at 800 for few seconds, enough for you to realize and try to pump the throttle to try and rev the tits off it, but it would never rev. 60% of the time it would just turn over when trying to start.

I pulled up the rear bottom seat, put my ear to the pump cover, while Ang turned the car to the on position, and nothing, no noise, even while cranking. I wasnt to sure what to hear for or what db this thing should be screaming at, so I didnt jump to thinking it was the pump, there was also a lot of jonny sweepers going around creating a lot of back ground noise. There was a lot of consensus online that the filter would suffocate the engine from running properly, which is what I was leaning towards.

Yup, this is another rear licence plate chapter. The old garbage had one captive nut that kind of held things together at the top left, the top right was actually a sheet metal screw that went right into the trunk lid...

Removal is pretty straight forward, grab a T30, remove the two main bolts. The bracket is still adhered to the trunk lid with double sided tape. To gain some leverage, use a licence plate bolt and use it as a means to pull the bracket off. You can spend an hour to try and scrape all the old tape off or leave it... I left it.

Had Brad over the other day for a good detail on the new family member.

Engine before

Engine after

Removed a tree from between the fuel rails and at the fire wall. A good two dozen pulls like this came out.



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