The slip-on muffler is an Akrapovic 1000cc beast that almost measures 20" in length. Sean planted the idea to shorten it to a more suitable length for a 600cc bike and in the end it wasn't actually that much work.

This chapter goes with the Muffler Bracket chapter because the old bracket would not work with the shorter muffler.

First step was to drill out the rivets and start separating the end cap from the can.

I cut through most of the can with the angle grinder, and finished the cut of the titanium sheet with a hack saw to minimize the damage to the muffler packing.

After shortening the muffler (see "Muffler Shortening") I needed to make a new bracket because the old one would cover my Akrapovic decal and Sean said it looks ghetto. I figured I'd bang this out in an evening but it ended up taking several.

I always produce a detailed drawing of the part I want to make on Fusion 360, this case was no exception... except I did the drawing by hand. This is probably why it took me so long to make a simple bracket.


Last night I went to work on the lathe making a set of swingarm spools, which engage with the bike stand to lift the back end for wheel removal etc. They can be purchased all over the internet for $20-50 but buying stuff is no fun when you can make it yourself.

For the first time I setup my Quick Change Tool Post with my new carbide indexable insert cutters. Holy did this ever make the job a thousand times easier. Took about half hour to mount all the tools and set the heights, but once that was done it's about 5 seconds to switch between tools.


This evening after putting the girls down I was looking for something quick and easy to do (bike/car related) so I jumped on the lathe.

The stiffness (I'm assuming?) of the rear shock on the bike is adjustable but the adjustment knob was missing. A wrench could be used but when I'm zig zagging through chicanes there's a good chance I'd drop the wrench.

I got excited about this because I've never knurled on the lathe before. I did a practice run and it came out virtually perfect. Then when I tried replicating it on the actual part it came out so so. For all intents and purposes it's perfect, though.



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