Bleed brakes
CVT Trans output seals leaking
Flex brake lines suspect
Motor mounts and snub shot-Acquired
Valve cover gasket leaking-Acquired

January 10, 2018
Unplugged the fuel door sensor . Oil cap replaced

November 12, 2017
S4 OEM US bi-xenon headlights installed
Extension whip made for conversion
AC pulley by pass serpentine belt installed Gates K060450. AC pulley sounds like a pile of marbles in a metal trash can and felt like stubborn sand when turning.

Grab this unit for a song. 850 cold dineros. Partly because its FWD CVT, but what ever, it'll get the job done after the debacle of a B7 I dealt with. Its in solid shape, with documented dealer maintenance from day 1 and old man driven its entire life. So I figure, maintain the snot out of it and probably pull the 1.8 for something else later down the road.
And yes, it is pretty much the same as angs car. And yes, I now I have 2003, 2004 and 2005 B6. And every motor offered in that generation :D


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