New pinch bolts
Meyle Brake lines installed all four corners
New Bosch e-brake cables
Bled brakes
Coolant flange replaced 06B121132E
Coolant hose from rear flange 06B121101A
Coolant hose from top of thermostat 06B121057A
Thermostat replaced 06B121111K
Expansion tank replaced OEM
Accessory idler pulley replaced 06B903341B
Accessory belt replaced
Used AC unit installed from B7 2.0T with shorter belt
Front rotors and pads replaced, TRW and Zimmerman
5 speed swap from 2003 A4 1.8T WAULC68E13A140478
All new CV axel bolts
All new CV axel to diff bolts
New drive shaft bolts
CV Boots: Both front inners, front driver outer, both rear outers, rear driver inner
Valeo clutch w/single mass flywheel
TRW metal slave cylinder
Zimmerman rear rotors
Brembo rear pads
Rear caliper bracket hardware
Both rear bearings replaced, FAG
5spd transmission input seal, output seals(x3) and selector seal replaced
5spd transmission fluid change, Motul 300 75w-90
Rear diff input and output seals replaced
Rear diff fluid change, Motul 75w-90
Rear struts replaced with good low mileage units
Blau timing belt kit installed
OEM rear flange installed
OEM thermostat installed
Hoses and clamps replaced
Snub mount replaced with poly
Motor mounts replaced with B5 S4 OEM
5spd transmission mount replaced with OE
Rear diff bushing replaced with Spulen poly New down pipe, aftermarket
New front and rear sway bar bushings and end links Sport rear sway bar installed
Rear sway bar end links and bushings
Sport springs installed

Grab this unit for a song. 850 cold dineros. Partly because its FWD CVT, but what ever, it'll get the job done after the debacle of a B7 I dealt with. Its in solid shape, with documented dealer maintenance from day 1 and old man driven its entire life. So I figure, maintain the snot out of it and probably pull the 1.8 for something else later down the road.
And yes, it is pretty much the same as angs car. And yes, I now I have 2003, 2004 and 2005 B6. And every motor offered in that generation :D


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