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SOLD september 14th, 2015 122, 895km She did us well! and will be missed, kind of... :D

Mr Lube Store #120 Oil Change $50.74 +tax

Spark plugs replaced with NGK Iridium BKR7EIX K&N filter cleaned and oiled Headlights restored

Mr Lube Store #120 Oil Change $50.74 +tax Free wipers :D Winter tires put on, at home.

Blower motor replaced

Mr Lube Store #120 Oil Change $49.74+tax

Changed the spark plug on the Civic. Pretty straight forward replacement, four bolts and 4 clips. Done in 15 minutes. The originals look pretty good for 119,000km.

The NGK Iridium BKR7EIX spark plugs. Gapped to .76mm or .030"

I think this K&N filter had about 40,000km on it, and was definitely due for a clean and re-oiling. Pretty straight forward, soak with K&N cleaner, leave for 10 minutes, rinse with water, dry it out for 20 minutes, douce it with oil, clean excess and install.

Before and after. :)

The Civic's head lights developed this haze over the lens, that didnt only start to become quite an eye sore, but probably a safety/visibility concern as well. It was time to do something. Enter the Meguiars Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit. After reading some reviews, I scooted out and picked it up at Canadian Tire for 29.99+hst. Its a pretty small kit, but should probably yield at least 3 or 4 sets of headlights.



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