So I was in Brampton dropping off and picking up bikes at my friend Brad's work, a Subaru dealership.

As I'm driving out I see this very sad S4 sitting in the lot with no wheels. I figured it was someone's car and was getting work but man did it ever look unhappy. I left, but texted Brad to see what the deal with it was. The answer I got was "Oh someone traded it in, it has a coolant leak, and the wheels were stolen off it last week, it's going to go to scrap". I was like "Bitch Please!". Not having any idea of the condition of the car, and assuming it must be pretty rough, since it was going to scrap, I put in an offer on it, thinking worst case scenario I could part the car out and drop the drivetrain into my A4 or something. We agreed on a price and I drove back to Brampton with my trailer. The dealer included a set of Passat wheels in the deal that didn't fit because the tires were too big to clear the fenders on this lowered car. I had brought down a set of stock A4 wheels, which unfortunately didn't clear the front calipers. So we threw my tires on Passat wheels for the front, and A4 wheels on the rear.


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Feb 2013


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