Bricked Shoes

I removed the centre console to replace my stereo with an aftermarket Kenwood kdc-bt855u. I ran a USB cable from the rear of the stereo unit to the centre console arm rest. This allows me to plug my phone into the stereo and hide it in the arm rest.

I didn't document how I installed the stereo, however i'll show you how to remove the centre console and run the usb cable.

Twist your shift knob to the left to unscrew it.

Installation of an HKS bov is pretty straight forward. I purchased the bov from the local classifieds, new in box. I think I got ripped off, having found the same product on ebay for 65$. I paid 130$ or something. The kit also wasn't WRX specific, so I had to buy an adapter separately.

  • HKS Blow Off Valve vIII
  • WRX Adapter
  • *recirculation hose plug

The Blow Off Valve itself This filter is suppose to be installed, but it is garbage. Just toss it into the nearest pile of **** as it'll only cause you pain and break. I'm surprised they give this to you. Using this filter, you'd need extra vacuum hose as they do not supply you with any. If you do not use this filter, you don't need extra vacuum hose. The WRX specific adapter.

I replaced the stock wing with a STi replica. It cost me 305$ plus shipping. Pretty sweat deal if you ask me. I've always wanted this wing, and it just had to happen.

Dunk hand in dirty grease. Open trunk Remove 4 nuts holding the spoiler in place. Remove grounding wires. Damn dirty nut... Compared to others. Removing stock wing. Stock wing removed. Dirt. Cleaned.

Follow installation procedure. Use phillips to screw in 6 bolts. Do not stick figure into hole... Your knuckle will probably get stuck. Using t-strips place them over the screw holes (I don't have a shot before I set the spoiler on the car). After you've placed the spoiler on the car, tape down the t-strips. Stripes taped. Stripes taped. Remove the spoiler, while ensuring the stripes stay down. Set guides, for drilling. Commence drilling with 1/16th inch bit, and again with 1/8th. Using a rag, clear metal shavings. Ready for placement.

I was looking for a seat that I could use to build a racing cage for the PS3. While searching the local classifieds, I stumbled upon these beauties!

These are STi seats out of a RS. They were a little dirty when I bought them but they cleaned up great!

This is with the knob I bought. I wasn't a fan of it, a bit too small for my liking.

Shift boot with red stitching, and stock shift knob. I'll be on the hunt for a new one again.



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