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I managed to get 1/2 hour spare time the other day and spent it hosing the garage floor down. Here are a few before and after pictures. When I have more time I'll mop it.

I wanted to extend my auxiliary bench beyond the window and initially came up with this double shelf idea. It was hideous and I promptly removed it.

In the end I decided to simply double the existing bench, providing 12' of length. It is 16" deep. I also re-made the lower shelf under the existing bench and extended this as well.

Didn't take long to fill up the shelf and bench with stuff. I also put the SPG tool chest on it because I don't have a better place for it at the moment. I primarily use the bench when I'm lathe'ing, and with the tool chest there I basically never use the new length of bench. I have a place in mind for the tool chest which will allow me to easily access the rest of the bench when I'm on the lathe.

Mar 2015
by q20v


This evening Brieanna is out with a friend and the girls are sleeping, and it's a pretty warm night at -5*C, so I cracked a beer and stood in the garage for a bit and ran some thoughts through the old spaghetti and meatballs about this summer.

I snapped a few pictures as it currently sits. It's embarrassingly dirty and cluttered right now, but that's what happens when it is negative a thousand for months on end.

For the past several summers I have been preoccupied with big car related projects. The BMW, Audi 90 and Coupe, Audi A4, and not to mention our little romper (Sarah) was born mid-summer in 2013. I haven't paid much attention to the garage and this summer it will get some much needed attention. My motivation comes from Blake setting up his garage and a local garage build on Garage Journal, a guy code named 'dubber'. He has a very clean and presentable garage and while I don't want to go to his extreme, I do want to move towards it.

Here are some of my thoughts for this summer (in order of popping into my head):
- Paint lower concrete around perimeter. (black, I guess?)
- Paint garage door header trim. (white, currently wood)
- Paint steps going into house. (grey, I guess?)
- Paint wooden car ramps.
- Paint shelves above main workbench white.
- Remove and clean RaceDeck floor. See what's living underneath...
- Tidy up stereo wiring.
- Box up lathe stand. Flat board on pillars, perhaps black, and laminate with a slightly smaller grey (or other) panel with bevelled edges. Also level the lathe fore/aft.
- Build a splash guard for the lathe!!
- Build shelf directly to the left of the lathe, to support the SPG tool chest. Maybe a small shelf underneath for lathe-related accessories. Maybe a new Beach lower tool box?? Made in Smith Falls, you know. Available at Cardon Tools.
- Mount my other electrical cord spool.
- Trim the current lathe shelf with 90* pine, paint an accent colour, touch up current backsplash. Use the space directly above this backsplash (close to the ceiling) for some artwork/banner/auto memorabilia.
- Paint the natural gas line black or something (or leave as-is).
- Sort out wall between window and garage door (has Ferrari picture right now). Tidy it up and properly hang some nice wall art.
- Paint and reorganize the weapons of mass destruction tool hanging wall. Grey? White? Hang more tools! Maybe do something different for the bolt bins?
- Holy this list is getting long... might carry into 2016... although, Brieanna and the girls are going to Nova Scotia for 2 weeks this summer, and I'll be booking some time off during that period.
- I've been thinking about bringing the Press into the garage, but the footprint is 25x35", which doesn't really fit nicely anywhere. It will probably stay in the basement.
- Line the SPG tool chest drawer bottoms with felt.
- Protect compressor nook with appropriate shielding from grinder dust and general overhead work.
- Add a closed shelf for fluids (i.e. automotive related fluids)
- And last but not least (I think), the white board says we need to be on a race track in a 500hp car by November 2nd 2015. The only way I see this happening is if I weld the BMW, Audi, and Mitsubishi end to end and connect their throttle cables somehow. (which still brings me short of 500hp, so maybe get a push from Blake's Buick?)
I think we'll have to re-adjust this goal...

  • Properly level the big Mastercraft tool box.
  • Run hot water line into the garage.
  • Build Myah and Sarah a workbench area.
  • Pegboard in the lathe area, above the auxiliary workbench?
  • Install remaining 2 fluorescent light fixtures.
  • Install middle support for main workbench.
  • Paint door / window frame accent color.
  • Shorten Auxiliary workbench?
  • Dedicated car magazine / book shelf
  • Tire / Oil change tool area


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