This little B6 was discovered when a series of things happened. I decided I wanted a different car other than Brittany, and the old timer brother of mine wanted Brittany, pretty badly. He pretty much forced the sale on me, which worked out for timing, because at the same time Huffman located this gem at a dealer. Now I was trying to buy an all around vehicle, summer/winter, but this thing ended up being too clean and will only be driven in the summer. Just need to find a place to store it.

Still trying to figure out a name for him. Schwarz?

This thing will and always be an ambivalent relationship, always.

Upgrading from the Symphony II to the Symphony II+ from B7 vehicles is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also allows for an AUX input! Sound quality is better(subjective), but radio frequency quality is lowered.

The Symphony II+ ranges in price from $150 to $300, used. Seen them go for $150 without the four digit radio code, which means you need to goto the dealer to unlock it for $90 bucks. I managed to score mine from ebay for $90 with codes and two scratches... They are un-noticeable to the untrained eye.

You can make your own harness with the following:
Quadlock = $16.99
C Block Connector = $18.73
AUX Jack complete with B Block Connector = $14.99
Antenna adapter = $9.99
approximately $61.00 dollars for the harness.

Some vendors sell complete harness, but I have heard that the pinout were wrong and some modifications were required, hence why I built my own. About 70 dollars for a pre-made harness.

Scored these OEM bad boys on ebay after looking for a set forever. Almost pulled the trigger on new OEM which are 100 bucks a corner, but these only set me back 40 bones and they cleaned up perfectly. Driver side front has some wear, but I have my winter mat in at all times because of the construction boots.

Update: Shortly after receiving these, the dealer called and said that the original owner brought in the original mats... Looks like I have two sets now:)

Its too bad no one makes new mats that have an S4 in the corner or something. I find these pretty plain.

My wipers have been questionably slow since my purchase of the S and recently have been chattering and painful to watch. They came to a stop just before storage. Upon research, this too is a common problem across many platforms.

It is not caused by a dying motor, but is caused by road dirt, moisture and salt getting into the pivot mechanism of the wiper transmission assembly under the cowl. If you let it go too long, you overwork the motor and then it burns out, which would then probably cost a pretty penny to buy new.

This procedure for the linkage alone has been quoted from the dealer around $800-$1,200.

One word of caution is that you will be working very close to your windshield, tugging and pulling... be delicate and know your surroundings, a busted windshield would be the last thing you want after doing this.

To be used in 'Cars' Section once it is up and running.

WAUPL68E45A****** BHF

W= Europe A = Audi U= passenger car P = sedan L = BHF motor (340hp 4.2L 40V V8) 6 = front and side air bags 8E = B6 & B7 S4 4 = check digit 5 = 2005 model year A = Ingolstadt plant Remaining six digits = sequential production number decode your vin :

Build dates: Found in your door jamb on the silver plate. It is list as month/year, ex: '12/03' = dec '03 or '10/04' = oct '04

You apparently want to avoid build dates of 10/03 or earlier. Reason for avoiding these is because of catastrophic engine failures, to some not all. However, all of them technically should have happened by now, or been fixed, thus reducing the chance of it actually being a concern. However, something to think about/ask questions, when you see that date.

Common Issues: -Oil consumption - some start consuming oil, as much as 1 liter per 3200km/2000miles just keep an eye on your oil between oil changes, and if you notice some missing, then start keeping an eye on it every few fuel ups. leading cause is scored cylinder walls. these 4.2s are all aluminum and no sleeve... a new block will be required in the near future, unless you dont mind topping up with oil or spending 8k for JHM to sleeve your block for you :X OR it is just your PCV that is faulty, $130 in parts and 45 minutes to replace.

-Slow windshield wipers, cause is the wiper transmission arm that includes the pivot points, which seize up. $160 for the arm, you can do this in your sleep. Happens to ALL B6s. Revised parts will never allow this to happen again!

-Coolant sensor is known to go, cheap to replace, approx $120 with labour, tricky spot, DIYable.

-Thermostat/housing bleed and allow coolant to pass causing coolant performance issue, under-heating. $240 in parts for the thermostat/housing/sensor/reservoir, DIYable

-Auxiliary radiator check valve get jammed open causing coolant performance issue, under-heating. New revised check valve is $300 bucks, dealer only. DIYable

-Headlight condensation issues, cheap 14cent o-ring most likely, otherwise a complete reseal. This condition is only applicable to bi-xenon headlights.

-Leaky valve covers gaskets, $80, easily DIYable, but can mess up one bolt that will ruin your life.

-Cold start rattle. This is just your timing chain rattling. Nothing to be afraid of. A lot of chain driven 4.2s report this issue, but nothing comes of it. It is not an indication that your chain needs replacement. Some argue that a $50k+ vehicle shouldnt have a concerning noise as such, but what can you do. Mine does it, and it doesnt bother me. UPDATE: a breakthrough took place in Feb 2014 where a check valve in the oil system has been the culprit to not holding pressure in the heads/timing chain area.

-Cost is 260 in parts, and very DIYable!!!

-People have had FULL timing chain($4,000 in parts :X) replaced and still rattled! :X then these little check valves have been known to go bad/weaken and solved the issue... I cannot believe that it took a DECADE to determine.... :X

-Powersteering return line will blow on you. $300 in parts and somewhat DIYable.

-Inner front tires get chewed up quickly if toe is out. like all cars but worse on the B6 for some reason... need to formulate my own imeprical data on this one.

-Coils packs were recalled and replaced with : 077 905 115 T You can only verify this with either documentation or removing the harness, which is not quick to do.

-Brake light switches goes bad. $40 part, DIY it or you shouldnt be driving such a vehicle.

ALL of the items should be asked if they've been replaced when checking out a B6S4. Mine only had 75-80kkm/46-50kmiles on it, summer driven only when these all needed to be done.

All that aside, the relentless pull in all gears at all RPMs, the throaty v8 note that instills enjoyment at any rate of throttle, from the supple grip of the steering wheel that is compliment by the Recaro seats that contour you into a position that makes you feel like you shouldnt be at that red light and rather carving out corners like Ross in his stoned days, while jamming to Arcades by C2C with the Symphony stereo through 8+1 speakers to only come to the same conclusion of shutting down the car; WHICH sounds like a VP-F-16 going through a shut down procedure, make all of the above worth while and then some.



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