Picked up this beauty on January 7th, 2011 in Quebec City. Both brother kept me company as we took the train up to drive it home.

Here is the Torque Axis Mount(TAM) that sits on frame rail and bolts to timing chain cover as such. There are a few reason I did not chose this route for a mount: 1-it has to be removed to change the belts or perform any maintenance on the water pump, idler pulley 2-My Ts frame rail didn't come with provisions for this mount and I would have had to install the engine, mock up where the mount would align on the frame rail, remove the engine, drill out 4 holes(two on the top and 2 on the side of the rail), cut and weld in a plate with nuts to hold it all in place. 3-Looks fugly on the engine.

I didn't not even bother with this as mount # 4 is a whole lot easier to make work.

Here are the part numbers for available mounts that you can use: DEA Part # A2881 ANCHOR Part # 2881 ACDELCO Part # 22175154

This mount bolts straight in, whether you are using the T type or Bonneville subframe it all work out nicely. Considered the Front Driver/Left Transmission Mount from a 1998 Bonneville SSEi.

Part reference: DEA Part # A2778

mount located between the power steering rack and transmission

This transmission mount is also known as the dog bone mount. This is the mount that I used: It is pretty much at the minimum length of 3.5". Had to use new hardware, also needed to make some solid bushings for it to fit properly.

If you look closely at the top of the picture, you can see the M10 bolt that has about a 20mm gap. If I tightened this, the dog bone mount would twist and jamb. Solution is to find or make some spacers.



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