3/8" Drive Ratchet 1/4" Drive Ratchet 10mm Wrench, 6 point closed end

Myah and I spent the better part of 2 hours at Cardon Tools today and ran off with a few new (old) odds and ends. We're pretty happy with our little selection! That store is dangerous I tell ya.. could have spent a lot more money!

1 - Wright flat head screw drivers, USA made, $2 each. If anyone wants one let me know! I don't really need 4, but the price was $3 each, or $8 for 4. 2 - Proto Canada breaker bars, 1/2" drive and about 10" long, 3/8" drive and about 8" long. ~$10 each. 3&4 - Assorted files and handles. 5 - Channel Lock end snips, USA made, $15.

A co-worker has a 1983 911 Super Carrera and the throttle linkage is known to develop slop over time, and the usual failure is this linkage that connects to the pedal via a rod, and the throttle body via another rod. The following picture shows where the link fits into the assembly.

The pivot pin detaches itself from the metal plate resulting in excess movement. This can be simply welded back to the plate which in most cases would probably work just fine, but where's the fun in that. I opted to make a new pin with an enlarged head, allowing me to place a good sized weld at a further distance from the center of the pin, which helps reduce the stress on the weld.

When I bought the Audi Coupe, it had TSW summer wheels/tires. 2 of the hubcentric rings were extremely loose on the hub, so I scrapped them. As it turns out, the hubcentric rings from the old Audi 90 wheels fit perfectly in the TSWs. However, when I sold the old Audi 90 wheels I included all the hubcentric rings, meaning I was short 2 for the TSWs again. Since I haven't been driving the car it wasn't an issue.

Now that I'm selling the Coupe, I wanted the summer wheel/tires on the car because a) they look better than the winter wheels/tires, and b) I want to sell the winter tires separately.

I made 2 new hubcentric rings for the TSW wheels. See below.


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