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Aug 2014
by booneylander
  1. End walls partially up, basically just slide the panels in and start bolting them together. You can see the "channel" installed along the last arch which holds the top of the end wall panels in place.
  2. Cut the panels above the people door to fit.
  3. And you end up with just the opening for the garage door.
  4. Not even done construction and you can see residents starting to move in!
  5. BFFs
  6. Cars give a good idea of scale.
  7. By now I'm sure you noticed the strap holding the door closed, not anymore! Hardware!
Nov 2013
by booneylander

The structure comes as the 10 foot panels you see here, which you bolt together, overlapping the joints, with the higher panels on top of the lower panels, to keep water from getting under and leaking into the building. All of the panels are identical and 10 foot long, with the exception of the shorty panel you can see on the end in the second picture. All buildings use a "shorty" panel like this, one per arch, which you alternate on the bottom of each arch. This means that the joints between panels, don't overlap from one arch to the next, as the joint is offset by the distance of the shorty. The entire building is assembled with the bolts finger tight to allow everything to move and give a bit as you build.

Here's the base plate sitting on the anchors. As you can see, the forms I had left air bubbles next to the top, I was worried water might get into these bubbles and freeze, over time eating away at the concrete. So I got some tar and filled the surface! Tar on the top of the cement. Just enough that some squeezed out when the base plates were tightened to the anchors. A bit of squeeze out the back. Here is a few base plates installed over the tar.

Oct 2013
by booneylander

Rebar. A lot of it!

I bought all the rebar, cut, bent, and shipped to my door. This way all I had to do was lay it out, tie it all together, and lift it all up on blocks. Then I threw about 200 anchors into my edge plates.

Then it was night time!

Pour day, pumper truck action, placing concrete, and then the power screeding of the wet concrete!

Here she is all power screeded, then being floated, and finally what she looked like after power trowelling, and the next morning!


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