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OEM Ignition Upgrade

Jan 20th 2014

The Type 1 Ignition is prone to fail, I know I owned 3 Buick Lesabres and 2 of them have had them go out multiple times. Looking for a good brand of ICM to buy I came across this swap. In a nutshell the type-2 is better all around delivering better reliability, better more consistent spark, and you can replace coils with ease. My favorite thing about the changing the coils part is that no more weird star bolt holding it in. Now I wish I could have found the, I believe blue coils because those are suppose to be the best to get but I'm only a/n for now so no big deal I still get all the benefits I mentioned above.

This swap is plug and play awesomeness! All you need to do this swap is a type 2 ignition (I got mine off a supercharged GTP), a 11mm box wrench, 7mm 1/4" socket and ratchet, dielectric grease, sand paper, and a wire brush.

Steps: -first take out the old ICM. Unplug the spark plug wires, Take your 7mm ratchet and unbolt the wire harness that is plugged into and lay the wires aside. There are 3 11mm bolts underneath it unbolt them and pull the unit out.

-Sand the bracket that the old ICM was on and if you got your type 2 from the junkyard like me clean the back of it to using the wire brush to clean the threads that bolt it to the bracket.

-lightly apply dielectric grease on the ICM and the bracket it bolts to.

-Then do you opposite of what I explained to remove to old IMC in reverse to install the type 2 model.

-Start it up and your done!

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I'm gonna stick with what I have right now until the swap. I'm thinking I'll stick with the blue ones till next year. I wanna just get it swapped before summer but after summer I'll pull it all out and make it really nice looking like yours. I might put a nice can in it when I drop the sc motor in. When I get a chance I'll definitely take a look at what Buicks you have had. Right now using my phone sucks replying and typing the build kinda sucks lol. - goobie January 29th 2014
I should have a journal entry of the buicks i've gone thru... actually going to piece something to gether right now! stay tuned :) - ripcurl January 25th 2014
I've used a set of 3 for close to 7 or 8 years now. Originally on my '87 t-type stock motor, and now on my L67 T-type. So reliability has been good for me, and they have paid off in the sense that I got my use out of them. Some have been known to generate hair line cracks on the casing at the terminals, which doesnt affect performance until moisture gets in. The debate is; is there any performance gained? No real data(ie no dyno befores and after) to back up either side, but most likely little to no performance gained. The OEM blue from an SC motor will suffice and be significantly cheaper, just paint them red if you want that look. But if you have the budget go for em I say! - ripcurl January 25th 2014
How are the msd's? I have heard mixed things about them. - goobie January 25th 2014
Coils everywhere! 12 wow I have been threw 3 Buick Lesabres. A 91, 89, and now a 88. This is the first time I plan on really doing something to one. - goobie January 25th 2014
gahh where are the edit features for comments!!?!?!?!?!? i've got typos and grammar errors falling out everywhere! - ripcurl January 23rd 2014
Also, good write up! I remember doing that to my 87 buick! If you cant find the blue ones from a Series II motor, then MSD makes them as well. Pricy as hell, but hey, they're red, of course they are going to be expensive! - ripcurl January 23rd 2014
ha, goobie, bonneylanders means, "ripcurl has been through 12 buicks, and has collected 36 coil packs" Not true, but they for some reason keep falling out of drawers and miscellaneous storage places :P - ripcurl January 23rd 2014
Thanks man I will! I never been part of a forum before but all of you are great people so far! So glad there are people out there that can appreciate and help with this lesabre build - goobie January 21st 2014
If you ever need extra coil packs talk to member "ripcurl" he gets them by the truckload. - booneylander January 21st 2014

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