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I'm a fan of OEM configuration wherever possible especially with intake. Quite the contrast to my younger days when I thought car manufacturers were dumb for not making all cars with cold air intakes / cone filters. When I turbo the BMW I'll try really hard to use the factory air box. The B5's box has some Huffmods done to it (maybe it was the owner before him?), anyway, the snorkel was missing and the lower portion (pre-filter) was cut out. I posted a wanted ad on Audizine for the lower portion and snorkel, got it for $50 CAD shipped. I took the opportunity to clean everything as best as I could.

Myah and Sarah were at it again. I gave Myah the ratchet and showed her the bolt, and she took it out all by herself. This was the first time I didn't (barely) help her.

With all the attention the new Avant was getting, I splurged on a tuned ECU for the B5. I heard of a guy named "k0mpresd" on Audizine selling these for about $250 US. His business is Reflect Tuning and his ECU for the B5 got good reviews. Half the price of APR etc as well.

Installation is pretty easy. Unscrew the 5 screws holding the ECU cover in place, unplug the old ECU and install the tuned version.

It made a pretty big difference. Really woke up the car, pulls a lot harder and is much more fun to drive. Apparently it adds about the same HP/TQ as the APR tune, which brings the car from 150HP/162TQ to 200HP/243TQ. I can't wait to get the Stage 1+ installed in the Avant, because it's even more power :)

First picture is Myah opening the package. These two have been out with me everyday for the past couple weeks helping with the cars.

When I started the car the other day it sounded louder than usual. I checked out the rear muffler and the connection to it was a bit hollow. At this point I figured I just needed to replace the S pipe going to the muffler.

But, as I was wiggling the rear muffler I noticed movement from the exhaust closer to the engine. It was coming from the flex pipe.

The first picture is the flex pipe. Notice how it looks cracked and worn. Also, when pulling on the pipe to the left (back) of the flex pipe, the flex pipe was separating, see pic two. If I were to pull 1/4" more the pipe would just fall out.

At this point I was thinking I could just remove this down pipe, cut off the flex section and weld in a new one, and reinstall the down pipe.

Nothing very exciting here. I just thought I'd throw up a few pictures of the before and after of the air filter. I know the old one looks pretty dark, but it's K&N-type which has a darker element to begin with.



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