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When I went to install the licence plates after getting the car registered in my name, the old 90 licence plate frame caught my eye sitting on the work bench. It had some rust stains around the bolt holes and I figured I had nothing to lose by sanding it down. I had some 800 grit kicking around in the tool box and it worked well.

The key fob for the car didn't work. I tried changing the batteries and the buttons but it didn't help. I also tried programming it today and it still doesn't work. Ah well. Maybe next year I'll buy a new one.

Taking the fob apart is very intuitive. Separate the top / bottom, then the bottom splits in two.

The fob takes 2 batteries. I ordered only 1 through ECS for about $6-7, thinking they were something special and unique. After I got the fob apart I realized it takes 2, and Canadian Tire has them for $2-3.

Anyone who knows me knows I like to clean cars. I love to clean cars. Especially cars that are close to me (mine, family, friends). When Sean brought the A4 to the house and I took a look at it, I knew it had potential. After doing all the mechanical repairs over the summer I finally pulled it out of the garage and cleaned it up good!

I started with the interior. All plastic and leather was shampooed and wiped down, then licked with a sweat of an armour-all-esk-type fluid. Floors were only vacuumed at this point, seats partially removed to aid with reaching underneath and between the seat / console area.

I took this opportunity to lightly grease the seat sliders. The grease I used isn't ideal because it's really sticky and dirt will stick to it. It's all I had at the time and I used very little.

Then i hit the windows, mirrors, and sunroof.

I rolled the car outside and hit the door jams with a mild degreaser and wiped them down with a wash mit. Then washed the exterior really well.

I used Mother's Gold Cleaner / Polish / Wax on the paint, and RainEx on the windows. The drivers side of the car was covered in brake dust from the dragging front driver's side caliper. The paint came out really really nice.

Next summer I will pull the front seats and give the carpet a good shampoo, as well as the trunk carpet.

I picked up an LED kit from KrautoLED for about $50, which included the following:

2x Overhead LED Dome Lights 4x F & R Map LED Light 2x Footwell LED Lights 2x Vanity Mirror LED Lights 2x Trunk LED Light 1x Glove Box LED Light 2x License Plate LED Lights (ERROR FREE)

Shipping was quick and all the lights were in individual little ziplock bags. Installation was very straight forward, basically just pull and pry at the light housings and covers until you can see a light. Replace that light with the LED, make sure it's oriented correctly (polarity matters), and that's it.

I had two minion slaves helping me with this project, Myah and Sarah, and I definitely thought I had to order a new set of lights when I saw them smashing the LEDs on the center console, but they still work.



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