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Green Beret

The front brakes had rotors that were in decent condition, but the left caliper was seized and the right was on it's way out. I decided to buy new calipers from RockAuto.

The calipers came with the carriers which is nice. With refurbished calipers like these, there is obviously no coating or paint to protect against corrosion.

This is my Red Green paint booth. Nothing else to say..

The brakes on the A4 were in need of some love, especially the front left calliper. It was stuck pretty bad, and the front right, while still operable, didn't look far behind. I wanted to try and take them apart to salvage them, which I probably could have for the front right, but at $35 (+$30 core) from RockAuto it's nice to start fresh. Front pads will be replaced as well.

The rear brakes were working fine, although the guide pins were a bit stiff, which is nothing out of the ordinary. The rotors were a bit thin, as well as the drivers side pads, so all that will be replaced along with new piston seals and dust boots.

Since most of the brake hardware was replaced or rebuilt and the fluid looked a bit old, a full flush was in order. I bought the Motive Pressure Bleeder for $50 from ECS Tuning. After doing the A4 I highly recommend this tool! It takes literally minutes to flush / bleed the brakes (assuming the wheels are already off).

Tools needed: - Motive Pressure Bleeder - Catch can for the old fluid - 1L of new Brake Fluid - Turkey baster to remove old fluid from the reservoir - 11mm wrench for the rear brakes - 3/8" wrench for the front brakes

Brief description of the procedure: 1) Remove as much of the old brake fluid from the reservoir with the Turkey Baster as possible. 2) Fill the reservoir with new fluid. (alternatively, you can fill the Motive Bleeder with fluid. This requires more clean up) 3) Connect the Motive Bleeder the reservoir and build up some pressure (about 10psi works). 4) Connect the catch can to the Right Rear brake caliper bleeder and open it. Continue to let fluid flow out of the caliper until you see new fluid and the bubbles stop. 5) Repeat step 4) for the Left Rear, Right Front, and then Left Front 6) Start the car and pump the brakes with the pedal until it feels firm. 7) Repeat steps 4) and 5) to make sure there it no more air in the system. 8) Go for a drive and see how they feel.

I replaced my ABS Module and therefore had to cycle the pump with VAGCOM.


Process: [Select] [03 - ABS Brakes] [Basic Settings - 04] Group 002 [Go!]

This will trigger the ABS pump to turn on for about 10 seconds. You should hear the fairly loud pump clicking during this time.

Click the [Done, Go Back] button and you're all set.



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