Green Beret Drivetrain

Green Beret

The wheel bolts were real tight coming out and I could tell the threaded holes in the hubs needed cleaning. I didn't have an M14x1.5 tap or thread chaser so I cut some grooves in an old CV bolt. I had to install the brakes to do this otherwise the hub would just spin from the resistance. I also wire brushed and brake cleaned all the wheel bolts. Chasing the holes and cleaning each bolt took a while but when I installed the wheels it felt like new parts going together. It was definitely worth it!

With the Avus wheels, the rear tires came within about 3-5mm of the suspension upright. I bought some ECS 10mm spacers to add a bit of extra clearance.

Included with the ECS Spacers are ten 40mm bolts. The price for everything was $100. I was tempted to go eBay for $60, but they weren't anodized and I just felt better ordering from ECS, knowing they'd be guaranteed to fit.

Picked up Blake's 18" Avus wheels and winter tires from Rodgers Performance today and slapped them on the A4 with the help of my little minions. I'll take some better pictures in the next day or two, but I was pretty excited to get a picture up so this will have to do for now.

About $120 taxes in to have the tires mounted and balanced at Rodgers. I chatted with him for a few minutes about Blake's A8 and he seems like a pretty good guy. I'll be bringing him any other work I need help with in the future.

And they seem to clear the brakes and suspension without spacers. It's weird because everyone on the internet says minimum 10mm to run these on the B5. I wonder if it's a pre-facelift exception? I might actually get 10mm for the rear, because the tires are very close to the suspension.

(only the passenger side of the hood has been cleaned/polished. It takes a lot of effort..)

During the inspection I found the front right CV boot torn. This is easy and quick to fix.

Cut the old boot off the joint.

Play around with the old boot until you have enough grease on all your clothes.

My car was sitting on 4 jack stands, so I had to use an impact gun to remove the joint from the axle (if I tried using a breaker bar there would be no resistance and the axle would just spin).

Basically you just thread the new axle bolt into the joint until it bottoms out, then hit it with the impact gun until it separates. It doesn't take much.



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