Kalaka Engine

That's the sound my truck was making. There was really no doubt what was wrong. The tailpipe was pointing at a crazy angle, and everything was noisy as balls. So I figured I could do my poor truck a favour and try and remedy the situation.

Now let me say this was no small proposition. Here in Hawaii I didn't have much tools, so I set out and rented a Lincoln wire-feed welder and a Makita sawzall from Home Depot. It as big dolla dollas to rent, but I figured I would replace pretty much everything from the headers back and make it all up nice, so it'd be worth it.

The next step was hitting up all the automotive supply stores for materials. This was a big disappointment. I couldn't find the normal selection of straights, 90s, 45s, hanger stock etc that I would need to do it up the way I liked. No one even had "sport" mufflers over the counter. And ordering something? Forget it. 6 weeks ait as the norm.

Sufficiently distraught, I ended up buying a replacement OEM muffler that O'Reilly's had in stock (random), and a couple adapters to hopefully be able to cut and splice things together. Oh Hawaii how you like to make working on stuff difficult.

I should stress that I wasn't that worried about the exhaust noise and I COULD have ordered the stuff I needed, to replace it weeks later, BUT my annual safety and plate sticker were both expired, so I really didn't want to be more conspicuous to the po-po than possible, and I couldn't renew the plate without the safety, or the safety without fixing the exhaust. So there it is. OEM replacement (barf!!).



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