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With all the attention the new Avant was getting, I splurged on a tuned ECU for the B5. I heard of a guy named "k0mpresd" on Audizine selling these for about $250 US. His business is Reflect Tuning and his ECU for the B5 got good reviews. Half the price of APR etc as well.

Installation is pretty easy. Unscrew the 5 screws holding the ECU cover in place, unplug the old ECU and install the tuned version.

It made a pretty big difference. Really woke up the car, pulls a lot harder and is much more fun to drive. Apparently it adds about the same HP/TQ as the APR tune, which brings the car from 150HP/162TQ to 200HP/243TQ. I can't wait to get the Stage 1+ installed in the Avant, because it's even more power :)

First picture is Myah opening the package. These two have been out with me everyday for the past couple weeks helping with the cars.

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He sends a flashed ECU, so all you do is remove your old, install the new. Keep the old. $250 US shipped. Other companies require your ECU, they flash and return to you, or you need to drive to their facility to get it flashed. - q20v August 7th 2016
You didnt have to send yours first and wait for 14 weeks for them to return it flashed? Do you get to keep your old ECU? I'll need to test this thing out. - ripcurl August 7th 2016


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