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This evening after putting the girls down I was looking for something quick and easy to do (bike/car related) so I jumped on the lathe.

The stiffness (I'm assuming?) of the rear shock on the bike is adjustable but the adjustment knob was missing. A wrench could be used but when I'm zig zagging through chicanes there's a good chance I'd drop the wrench.

I got excited about this because I've never knurled on the lathe before. I did a practice run and it came out virtually perfect. Then when I tried replicating it on the actual part it came out so so. For all intents and purposes it's perfect, though.

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I think I got it, dampning preload of the strut, more stiff/tall by function of more preload being applied. Makes sense. But its not like Brads GS coiler overs, that have the remote damper adjustment, because it'll make the ride stiffer, but not taller, what kind of adjustment is that called? Or is it the same, and the height variation is not noticeable due the weight of the vehicle? - ripcurl November 28th 2016
No, not like a coilover ring. When you move your coilover rings down, you just raise the ride height. This shock has a ride height adjustment on the bottom as well. When you adjust the preload on the bike, you don't change the ride height, you just change where the bike sits in it's stroke with the weight of the bike+rider on it. It affects how the spring reacts to load as well. It's a bit tough to explain properly here. - booneylander November 25th 2016
cool knurlener. - ripcurl November 19th 2016
Like an instant coiler over adjustment? - ripcurl November 19th 2016
That is the remote hydraulic preload adjuster. As you turn your new knob clockwise, a collar on the shock, at the top of the spring, extends. This adds preload to the spring. While the "stiffness" of the spring is unchanged, it requires more weight to begin compressing the spring, so you ride higher up in the stroke if all other factors are equal. - booneylander November 19th 2016


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