Nov 24 - February 4, 2018

-Passenger side front fender replaced with used OEM unit
-Passenger front wheel well liner replaced with aftermarket
-Passenger side headlight bracket replaced with new unit
-Both fog light and grille, ebay special
-Passenger side inner lower bumper bracket
-Tail light bulbs replaced
-Clear debris under battery tray
-B7 HVAC controls swapped in
-Oil soaked rear trunk carpets replaced with used units, I someone was looking to return a pile of old oil filters, still filled with old oil, and just let them roll around in the back.
-B7 Key programmed

-Timing belt, water pump
-PVC valve and elbow hose
-Oil cap replaced
-Oil pressure switch replaced
-5w-40 and Fram filter change, Fram is temp for flushing purposes
-Magnetic oil plug installed
-Valve cover gasket and new hardware
-Coils upgraded to 2.0T coils
-Coil harness cut out and new bulkhead/wiring/conduit installed
-Spark plugs replaced with OEM
-Air filter change
-Fuel filter change
-Cabin filter change
-Flush green coolant
-New coolant tank
-B7 passenger side intercooler installed, SAI relocated
-034 Diverter valve installed and relocated to TB
-Front Zimmerman rotors and Textra pads -Exhaust coupler sleeved and welded
-MAF replaced with a used unit
-Licence plate bracket scraped and replaced with Merc unit
-Licence plate bulb/addressed corrosion in socket
-LED licence plate and reverse lights installed
-Rear coolant flange replaced
-Coolant flange to heater core replaced 06B 121 101 A
-Coolant flange heater hose replaced 8E1 819 371 B
-Coolant bleeder screw replaced WHT 000 316

-440cc Injectors
-034 highflow cat
-Oil level sensor to be replaced 1J0 907 660 F
-Serpentine tensioner to be replaced
-Heater core
-Flush brake fluid
-Compression test
-Headlights replaced with bi-xenon units
-Passenger rear wheel well liner could be replaced
-Valeo Kit - Clutch, pressure plate, single mass flywheel and throw out bearing

SKC # 02596

Going from the old style key fob to the new style B7 fob is a nice relatively cheap and easy upgrade.

You need a B7 remote with matching frequency to your existing. Used OEM B7 keys go for as low as 23 bucks on ebay. New Chinese knock offs go for 20 bucks on ebay.

You need a key with an FCC ID : MYT 4073A 315mhz 8E0 837 220

Immo Chips can be had here:
ID48 chip required

The main difference is the ebay ones require reprogramming every time you disconnect the car battery or replace the fob batteries. OEM stay programmed throughout, but needs one thing.

The used OEM will need a new blank key blade. Where the knock offs come with a blank already.

Both will need the blades to be cut. From the stories I've read online(I'm paraphrasing here), IF the dealership is willing to touch your blade, they send it off to a desert in Europe, apparently to a skilled basket weaver that lives in a house for fun, who then ships it to an unknown PO box in Belarus to be inspected by a troll, who rolls a deltoidal icositetrahedron, that determines if the fathers will grant permission of such witch craft to take place. If so, he'll wrap the forged metal in a black magic carpet back to Germany, which actually acts as a time machine to when the merger of the four companies originally took place in 1910 to form Audi. to then be cut by some young engineering student for 190 bucks, which is cheap given the process it goes through.

Or you can goto your local lock smith, call first, and they can do it for 15 bucks.

Here it is, yet another silver B6. But here is why. Let me back it up a bit. Shortly after acquiring my co-workers silver, automatic, front wheel drive(CVT) B6, for winter… I was quickly criticized from everything with an asshole, condemned from the inner circles I’ve worked on for the last 33 years of my life, disbanded from my family, egged and ridiculed anywhere I drove. But that’s not what pushed me over the line. One day it snowed, I took the CVT out and it was the lamest thing I drove since old man winter. I jumped into angs 3.0 and thought, how the fuck am stuck with the CVT. After many failed attempts to try and switch the cars without ang knowing, it became apparent that I was stuck with the CVT for the winter… well unless I found something else.

Enter the relentless Kijijijiji searching. No different from any other day really. This unit came up for 2k. It was manged a bit, but it was 6spd and had some work recently done to it. 6spd is quite desirable, and usually commands a premium, but I’m sure people saw the quarter panel and kept looking. I asked a question one week, and got no response. I then sent a message, ”take 1k?” after about a week later he said come take it. I had the Huff do a 402 point inspection on it, as I was out of town, and once he deemed the roof rails to be acceptable, he locked it in for me with a deposit. Drove it home on the weekend from Qc without any issues and started tearing into it.

Hopefully I can bring this unit up to par quick enough for the winter season, but if not, it'll still be a solid car to beat around in the summer. Not sure what the plans are for the CVT, maybe sell it, or keep it in the family as a B car. nothings really wrong with it other than a leaky transmission seal. But who doesnt have that?

Bleed brakes
CVT Trans output seals leaking
Flex brake lines suspect
Motor mounts and snub shot-Acquired
Valve cover gasket leaking-Acquired

January 10, 2018
Unplugged the fuel door sensor . Oil cap replaced

November 12, 2017
S4 OEM US bi-xenon headlights installed
Extension whip made for conversion
AC pulley by pass serpentine belt installed Gates K060450. AC pulley sounds like a pile of marbles in a metal trash can and felt like stubborn sand when turning.


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