Welcome to my 1990 Audi Coupe Quattro project page. I've always wanted one of these cars and soon after the 90 died this car popped up on a for-sale thread in the Ottawa area. I thought I was emotionally over the 90 but in reality I was still grieving. Brieanna and I checked it out in Aylmer and despite having a few clunks and rust spots I knew it had potential. The interior is almost identical to the 90 and on the test drive a tear fell off my cheek as I reminisced about the glory days. It was destiny.

Details: Purchased in May 2011 Cost $2200 Mileage 305,000 KM

Upgrades: Stebro rear muffler 17"x8" TSW wheels H&R lowering springs Bilstein sport shocks - Fr Boge Turbo Gas shocks - Rr

Future plans:

By spring of 2013 Rear sway bar - 26mm (stock is 14mm) Replace rear diff

Summer 2014 Turbo

To give the car some wheels that were a bit more towards the sporty side I scored some Audi RS4 Replica 18" wheels on Kijiji for 300$ then wrapped them in some Dunlop SP Sport 2050 225/40R18 tires (OEM MazdaSpeed 3), another Kijiji score for 200$.

Oddly, I can't seem to find a picture of the car showing the 'stock' 8 spoke 16" alloy wheels. But here is a couple pictures of the car with the RS4 joints.

Purchased date, June 1, 2013

Picked up this sexy machine over the weekend. What a beast he is with the all aluminum 4.2 litre 339 hp 302 lbs/ft of torque! He is completely unmolested, extremely clean and well maintained.

At the end of the test drive at the dealer, the saleman and I had to push him back in the lot because the clutch decided to take a dump. Dealer replaced it, and kept the same price on the car. New clutch, and he was good to go!

Just look at this thing!

Sometime around 2007-08 I purchased S2 front and rear bumpers while I was in the UK. I found the front bumper on Ebay and the starting price was about 100 GBP. I think I bid 101 GBP and watched the auction until the final second. It didn't have lights or grills but the bumper was in great shape, probably 8/10. After the auction closed I paid the guy through paypal and arranged a meet time. I was in Bristol and he was in London. I drove to his house, about 2hrs away, after work during the week. I remember it was cool, wet, and dark out. The guy lived in a small town/row house near Heathrow Airport. The bumper was sitting outside on his front lawn and his S2 Avant was in a nearby parking space.. beauty. The guy was scruffy and seemed a bit shady. We chatted for a few minutes and loaded it into the Ford Mondeo. He told me the reason he was selling it was because it was the wrong one for his car. At the time I thought he didn't know what he was talking about since all S2 bumpers were the same. Years later I found out that regular Audi V6 (B4 chassis) had the same S2 bumper... minus the headlight jets, which is this bumper. I'm actually glad I got this V6 bumper rather than an actual S2 because it's a cleaner look without the jets. Anyway, after we loaded it into the car he bluntly asked if I was going to pay him yet. I kind of chuckled and took it as a joke, but he said he was serious. I explained to him that I paid through Paypal but he clearly wasn't understanding. He kept saying it was his son/brother/uncle's (can't remember) account and there was no way to verify. We went into his house and he showed me the log in screen, as if it was going to solve the problem. BTW his place was a disaster. The inside of his house looked like a disorganized, cluttered, and very dirty garage - obviously no women in his life. I can't remember how I convinced him but he finally let me leave with the bumper on good faith that the Paypal went through. Welcome to the internet you wheel bolt!

When I got back to Bristol I immediately started looking at overseas shipping options and for a while it wasn't looking good. Then I found out about a guy in Scotland who dismantles Audis for a living and ships parts to North America all the time. I emailed him and asked if I sent him my bumper and bought a rear S2 bumper from him, if he'd ship it all to 21 Brookstone. I think he quoted about 60-80 GBP!!

So I boxed up my front bumper and took it to the local UPS store. Advertised on the wall in the store was huge banner that said "We ship anything anywhere". I was feeling good. When I walked up to the counter with the bumper the guy said something to the effect of "Holy crap I hope you don't plan to ship that thing!" Then next 10-15 minutes consisted of 2 employees measuring, re-measuring, back and forth on the computer.. I was starting to wonder if I'd be driving the bumper to Scotland myself. But somehow these 2 wing nut UPS superstars figured out how to actually ship a package from point A to B, fukcing rocket science I was thinking. Karma got back at me for thinking like that, though. All of this was taking place while the store was closing, so the big metal gate that drops from the ceiling near the entrance was half shut notifying new customers not to come in. As I walked away from the counter waving good bye (thinking 'I can't believe you morons can actually get dressed in the morning'), the man kept saying something like 'Mine de hee!!', to which I just laughed while thinking Brits have serious linguistic issues.... BAM my head smokes the gate! MIND YOUR HEAD!!


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